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Canvata is a robust Digital Marketing Agency specialising in Web Design and Digital Marketing. Level up your business today with our expert help.
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What We Do

Everything You Could Ever Need

Canvata Digital Marketing Agency & Web Design features a large team of creative individuals each specializing in a specific profession. With us we will grow your business to heights never experienced. With us you only need to deal with one company to handle everything you could ever need. No matter how big or small your company is we know exactly what to do for you.

All You Need Digital Agency Canvata

Web Design

Responsive, mobile friendly web design, Seo ready. Modern designs for the new online age.

Logo Design

Beautiful, striking, memorable logo design to represent what your business does and is.

Social Media Marketing

Let us manage all your social accounts. Get more followers and increase your social presence, drive customers your way.

Lead Generation

Bring more customers and clients into your business sphere. Target exactly who you want.

PPC Advertising

Highly targeted ads towards the perfect audience. Increase your sales and subscriptions.

Search Engine Optimization

Refine your business and target only what you need and want. Grow your traffic month over month.
About Canvata

Who We Are

A Little About Us

Years of Experience

Our team have years of experience covering all aspects of Digital Marketing, Web Design and much more.


Every member of our team is an extremely dedicated professional, hard working individual with a strong desire to create only the best for our clients.


Unparalleled knowledge of digital marking, web design and SEO. We stay up to date on the latest ideas, innovations and technology so we can always offer the best of the best to our clients.

Tech Experts

We know how tech works and we know to utilise it to the fullest getting exactly what we need from it. Including servers, hosting and much more.

About Canvata

Canvata is a new kind of web design business, We want to change how websites are designed and marketed. We work closely with clients to find that sweet spot that drives amazing results. We tell it like it is and refuse to create sub standard products. With us quality is key.


Web Design

Standard Websites

All rounder web design. Anything you may need with ongoing support. Perfect for any kind of website.

Brochure Websites

Simple 5+ page websites that show off your site. Perfect for restaurants that just want to show their menus.

Booking Websites

Allow your customers or clients to book something whether that may be a hotel room or tickets to see a concert. Perfect for hotels and tradesmen.

Portfolio Websites

Show the world what you are made of. Display your body of work in a beautiful and unique way. Perfect for photographers or graphic designers.

Catalogue Website

Display your products to the world in an enticing manner. Easy to navigate. Perfect for clothing brands or jewellery businesses.

Blog Websites

Put your thoughts out there and let everyone know what you think. Perfect for individuals or News sites.

E-Commerce Websites

Make your products easy to find and purchase. All about converting your visitors into paying customers. Perfect for any business online.

Landing Page Design

Get the perfect landing page and convert those visitors. Pefect for everything.


Logo Design


Lead Generation

Lead generation is everywhere. Every one is doing it so why not get into doing it too. Perfect for increasing an email marketing list.

  • Grow your business revenue
  • Drive more traffic to your site
  • Grow your email list


Social Media Marketing

Let us manage your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and any social media account you want. We will increase and build an amazing community for you. Increasing follows, shares and interaction in this highly lucractive space.


PPC Advertising

With Google advertising we will increase sales and visibility online. We are experts in Google ads, Facebook advertising and Amazon ads. Let us manage your accounts and drive huge amounts of traffic to your business and social accounts.
PPC Advertising Canvata
Liza Hart
Liza Hart
Founder of BuzyBee
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I started my business years ago and had some success, I wanted to take it further and with the help of Canvata we started brainstorming what we could improve. We had so many ideas, some good and some bad, we niched them down and decided upon the direction to go. Canvata then took everything and implemented it, setting up a new ecommerce website, new branding, a smart new digital marketing campaign, updated social accounts. All this created a new vision of what my business was to be and it worked better than I had ever imagined. The sky is the limit now for BuzyBee.
Richard Drawken
Richard Drawken
Business Owner
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I worked with Canvata in setting up my ecommerce. they did an amazing job with the overall design and layout. It features lovely colors and a friendly interface which my customers love. I hope to work with them again in future if i ever need another website built.
I have been recommending all my friends who want to get into online business to choose Canvata, the full package they are.

Client First

Proven Techniques

We use the latest and greatest techniques that are proven to drive more traffic and more customers to a website or webstore. We work close with every client to ensure exactly what they want is brought to life. We want results, so we do what it takes. No task is too small.

Digital marketing teams will dive deep into your business and discover where campaigns can be improved and new emerging markets. And capitalize on them.

Every business should have a professional website to back them up. An amazing website adds credibility to every business. And with more and more business being conducted online it is even more important today to have a useable website. Our web designers create your website as a mobile first site that is fully responsive and SEO friendly.

Video Editing can be very time consuming and at the end of it all the message can be missed. Let us worry about that, with an expert team of dedicated video editors and creators we can make a video that represents your business in all its glory.

A logo can make or break a companies image. We work close with clients to create the perfect logo that truly represents the message they want to portray. The internet is full of terrible logos, we want to change that.


Are you ready to win?

Crush Your Competition and become top dog.

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