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All your Social & Digital Marketing needs taken care for you. Highly professional and straight forward online marketing service. We cut out all the nonsense and get straight to the heart of what will help your business make waves.

What We Do

Targeted Strategies for The Digital Age

Digital marketing is our bread and butter. We love it. Digital marketing is an ever-evolving landscape and as such it never gets boring to explore new ideas and techniques.

We take those awesome ideas and give them to our clients.  In our years of experience, we know it plays well to keep up to date with all the latest digital marketing news and provide our own to clients or those interested in improving their own knowledge.

All You Need Digital Agency Canvata

Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing Strategy

Outline your business marketing goals and how to achieve them. Choose the way you want to target customers. Social and more.

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

Develop a brilliant Pay Per Click advertising campaign to get the maximum return your money. Appear in front of those that will convert.

Link Building & Backlinks

Grow with relevant Backlinks and Link Building. Increase your search appearance and appear higher than the competition.


Search Engine Optimization to grow your business. Boost your rankings in the search results and gain more traffic month over month.

Local SEO

Be shown to your target audience in your local area. Appear higher in the search results and Google My Business listings.

Technical SEO

Redo your SEO to be more precise and highly optimized for search engine crawling and spiders. Improve your overall rankings.

Search Engine Marketing

Design a killer Search Engine Marketing plan and drive huge amounts of traffic towards your site. Aligning with your other marketing strategies.

Social Media Marketing

Create a highly effective Social Media Marketing strategy and create engaging and effective content to thrill your audience.

White Label

Present white label services under your own name or branding. Grow your business with new services with minimal work needed.

Canvata Web Design | Canvata Logo Design

Full Service Digital Marketing Agency

Why Choose Us?

Why not? We strive to offer the best possible social media & digital marketing experience to every client. We offer help and advice to those who are not yet our clients.

Enriching your business and your life are what we intend to do. Choosing our marketing agency might just be the best decision you make.

With a team of highly professional digital marketers and web designers we can drive your business in the right direction.

Professional Web Design & Marketing Packages Ready For You

Digital Marketing Strategy

A clear and well defined digital marketing strategy is necessary to steer a businesses in the right direction with their digital efforts. Don’t waste time and money investing into digital marketing services without having a well planned and robust plan. Simple questions that every business must ask themselves.

  • Where are we now?
  • Where would we like to be?
  • When would we like to be there by?
  • What is our budget?
  • How do we approach our goals?

We will make you your very own digital marketing Strategy that will incorporate everything you need to do and how to do it. With a digital marketing plan as comprehensive as ours any business will lift off from where they started and see huge growth.

Our digital marketing service will research your competition, analyze what they are doing, what is working and not working. Create realistic goals with honest time frames. All for an affordable price that allows you to spend more on implementing the strategy.

With Canvata we will get your business flying with a robust marketing strategy framework that will ensure huge growth. Let us assist you in your marketing strategy and steer you right.

New Opportunities

Discover new and emerging opportunities and take advantage of them.

Expand Your Reach

With a great marketing strategy can put you in front of your target more often.

Increased Traffic

Increase your traffic and drive more sales and conversions to your site.


What People Say

Liza Hart
Liza Hart
Founder of BuzyBee
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I started my business years ago and had some success, I wanted to take it further and with the help of Canvata we started brainstorming what we could improve. We had so many ideas, some good and some bad, we niched them down and decided upon the direction to go. Canvata then took everything and implemented it, setting up a new ecommerce website, new branding, a smart new digital marketing campaign, updated social accounts. All this created a new vision of what my business was to be and it worked better than I had ever imagined. The sky is the limit now for BuzyBee.
Richard Drawken
Richard Drawken
Business Owner
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I worked with Canvata in setting up my ecommerce. they did an amazing job with the overall design and layout. It features lovely colors and a friendly interface which my customers love. I hope to work with them again in future if i ever need another website built.
I have been recommending all my friends who want to get into online business to choose Canvata, the full package they are.

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Let The Work Begin

Once everything is decided on we will get started and produce a masterpiece.

Professional Web Design & Marketing Packages Ready For You

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